How Social Constuctionism is Useful in the Llives of Children

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There are two questions so I will answer both questions equally. Starting with how I understand social constructionism to be useful for the lives of children and young people. I will discuss the question about childhood ending at the young age of eleven, how gender can play a significant role in the construction of children and young people. Then how place and time had played a role n creating the ‘teenager’. Following that for the second question I will discuss how photography is used and the way adults dictate the use of these images. Then I will discuss and how recording development through a ‘red book’ is a key factor in the way one can learn about babies, children and young people. After that I will explain how Sure Start is for all children aimed at giving them a ‘sure start’ in life. I will then sum it all up at the end with a conclusion and reference list.
I understand social constructionism from reading the fourth learning guide OU Online (2013) to be a part of everyone’s lives, it has always been in society and it will always be in society. When a baby is born they do not know anything, like how to talk or what language they will learn but the babies’ families will talk to them in their ‘native’ language and as the baby learns the language is constructed. This is then re enforced once they start school. OU Online (2013) showed a video about the ‘End of Childhood’ and how Dame Jacqueline Wilson said that “teenagers are acting like adults at an alarmingly early age, and parents have to learn to stand up to their children’s demands”. I think she could be right but not for all children and young people as they are all different and they all develop at different stages in their lives. However OU Online (2013) says that as one...

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... see this as a barrier. I have noticed our local Children’s centre does do Father’s/ Granddad’s/ uncle’s days and often on Saturday’s too. It is clear that they are working with the children and their families in communities around the UK.
To sum all this up would be to say some people think that a child's childhood is ending too soon and as young as the age off eleven, gender is one way our society is constructed. Through time ‘teenagers have evolved and made their mark in society, parent’s may display photographs around the home and they are used to jog memories and create conversations with visitors. Discourse is used in the red book between professionals and parents and the Sure Start children’s centres have become part of the construction of communities through working well with children and their families making sure they include male members of the community.

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