How Should Guilty People Be Punished?

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How should guilty people be punished? Thousands of crimes are committed throughout the year; robbery, fraud, rape etc… The people who commit these crimes and are caught are sent to jail. The only thing is, Every person who committed a crime had a different reason for doing it. That is why the Court exists, to judge each case differently. There should be an individual punishment for every case, because every case is different, and the “criminals” have different motives. I would like to give examples: For instance in murder cases; if a woman murdered her husband because he would beat her and the only way she could survive was by killing him, this case should be judged differently next to a case for instance a woman killing her husband because she was jealous of him. Both of these woman who committed these crimes should get jail time, because it can set an example to other woman, but the woman from the first case should get in my opinion maximum 2 years of jail time and also community service. Even thow self defense is legal it is very hard to prove. In the cases of robbery; If a man robbed a place for survival, and another man robbed a bank for money, both of these cases should be judged differently, they definitely should get a punishment, but different ones. In the cases of “first offender” and “second offender; a first time offender might have done a stupid mistake therefore the penalty should be less severe then someone who has a police record with other convictions. In the cases of “juveniles” committing crimes; i find that it all depends on the crime, because in some case the “juvenile” committed the crime because he was under a certain peer pressure, or anything that made him commit the crime against his own will. But in cases of a juvenile committing an act of murder of some sort i think he should be judged as an Adult in court and receive the punishment he deserves. A juvenile who commits the crime usually knows the difference between right and wrong, therefore should get the same punishment as an adult who committed this crime.
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