How Risk Management Is Be Performed Within De Turf

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Purpose The aim of this policy is to provide a guiding statement on how risk management is to be performed within DE Turf. In general, we view risk management as a comprehensive approach to improving organizational performance. This policy has other purposes as well, namely: Reinforcing an understanding of risk management as having a broad focus, beyond merely preventing lawsuits, reputational damage and financial losses; Performing an educational function for staff, volunteers, clubs and registered participants; Over the longer term, contributing to enhancing a ‘risk management culture’ within DE Turf. Ultimately, successful risk management has the following benefits for our organization: Prevents or limits injury or losses to participants, volunteers and staff; Helps to protects DE Turf and its partners, clubs and individual participants against litigation; Ensures that DE Turf is compliant with all applicable laws, regulations and standards; Improves the programs and services that DE Turf provides to its members, participants, partners and sponsors; Promotes improved business management and human resource management practices; Enhances DE Turf’s brand, reputation and image in the community; Overall, enhances DE Turf’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives. Scope and Authority The Executive Director is appointed as Risk Manager for DE Turf, responsible for the implementation, maintenance and communication of this policy. This policy applies to all activities undertaken by DE Turf at the national level. Where DE Turf exercises authority over activities below the national level, risk management measures may also be prescribed by DE Turf for implementation by visitors and clubs. Policy DE Turf makes the fo... ... middle of paper ... ... to our staff, committees, and clubs, and we will encourage all members and participants to communicate to DE Turf their risk management issues and concerns. Insurance DE Turf maintains a comprehensive insurance program that provides General Liability, Sports Accident and Directors and Officers Errors and Omissions coverage to the directors, officers, staff, members, volunteers and sponsors of DE Turf. Upon annual renewal of this policy, DE Turf consults with the insurance provider to determine if there are any emerging gaps, issues or concerns to be addressed through insurance renewal. Not all risks are insurable. However, as part of its commitment to risk management, DE Turf will take all reasonable steps to ensure that insurance coverage is available for those activities essential to the mission of DE Turf that pose significant risks and that may be insured.

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