How Relations between Superpowers Worsened between 1959 and the Summer of 1962

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How Relations between Superpowers Worsened between 1959 and the Summer of 1962 There are many reasons why relations between the superpowers worsened between 1959 and the summer of 1962. The USA and USSR were already enemies. This was because they both represented different ideas. The USA was capitalist, however, The USSR was communist whose beliefs clashed with Capitalism. Superpower relations were based on fear and suspicion. They both tried to restrict the influence of the other. In 1947 the Truman Doctrine was published by the US president Harry Truman. It offered help to any country that was being threatened either from or within its own borders. This was USA using its power and wealth to contain the spread of communism creating superpower tensions. Similarly the Marshall plan offered grants of money to European countries to bring about economic recovery and stop the spread of communism. The soviets responded with attempts to contain capitalism with Comecon and the blockade on Berlin’s Western area. This made relations between superpowers worsen because there was still the tension between communism and capitalism sides where countries were going further and further to try and gain as much support for their ideology. Military alliances also made the relationship worse. For example the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ensured that if any of the pact were attacked the others would protect it. The USSR responded with a similar military alliance The Warsaw Pact. Cuba was an island near America. A loss of influences in business and colonies in Cuba caused the USA to become angry. When Castro came to power in Cuba in 1959, the USA ha... ... middle of paper ... ... happenings of these missiles. This could mean that they were planning on using them again if necessary. Also in 1979 the Soviet troops entered Afghanistan. The USA called it an invasion. In 1980 Jimmy Carter called on the world’s athletes to boycott the Moscow Olympics. This proved that the superpowers were still battling against each other in some things. In conclusion the CMC had changed relations for the better. The CMC brought the superpowers together so they could negotiate and help one another out. However the CMC also brought more problems. The superpowers continued to argue and battle in senses such as the Olympic and Missiles were also being produced. Overall I think CMC changed relations for the better as there were more improvements but the superpowers were still unsure whether they could trust one another.