How Rapunzel Relates to Child Development

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Tangled is a fascinating childhood movie about a teenage girl named Rapunzel, who has been trapped inside the tower of a castle her whole life. She was dying to experience the outside world, and isn’t going to let anyone or anything stop her. Everyone knows the story of Rapunzel, but this paper will give you a better overview of how it relates to child development. This childhood movie relates to child development in the fact that she is cut off from socialization, and she is very unsocial and oblivious to the world outside of the tower she has been trapped in. Although she does interact with her mother every day that is the only personal interaction she ever has experience with making it hard on her when she finally ventures out to society.

The first concept that comes about in the movie is that she has been trapped inside of that tower her whole life, without any access to the world or the people in it until her teenage years. Meaning she had no peers, or other influences to form her into a normal person. In relation to learning about children being cut off from society, this situation is similar to the story of Genie who was locked inside a room in her house for 13 years. Genie experienced severe neglect, abuse, and malnutrition. Genie was strapped to a chair for a majority of the time, which made it very hard for her to develop normally. When she was found, she barely knew how to talk, but she could speak a few words. Rapunzel being in the same environment minus the abuse, didn’t develop any of the problems that Genie did except being hidden from the world making it very hard to develop social skills.

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...bout everything that is going on in the show helps them to understand. (Dowshen,2011). Also it gives families a chance to bond over something that they both enjoy, which creates a more open relationship. This all goes to show that media can be good or bad, depending upon how much time you let your children watch television and what you let them watch. As long as it is kid friendly, the child will develop correctly and nothing relating to media should stand in the way of their developmental path. Media can be harmful or harmless, but you are the one in control of which you allow it to be.

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