How Photography Became An Accepted Form Of Art

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The purpose of this paper is to explain how photography became an accepted form of art, as this was accomplished by Gaspard-Felix Tournachon. This was accomplished based on continuous experimentation of techniques to develop photographs, and how he had set up his environments to emphasize the subject and it’s beauty. Though Gaspard was more interested in caricatures and journalism, he decided to apply photography as a rapid form to create caricatures (Janson, 2012) after a friend convinced him to consider the possibility. Gaspard’s work became very popular, as he focused his photographs mainly on people higher in society, as well as Paris’ beauty (Cadava, 2012). Gaspard continued his work as a caricature artist, as there are dated caricatures during his time as a portrait photographer. Though Gaspard-Felix Tournachon (also known as Nadar) was born in 1820 in Paris (France), he was Persian. He was a well-rounded figure, making himself mostly known through his works as a journalist and caricature artist. At 34 years old, a friend of Gaspard approached him, offering to financially back a studio if Gaspard were to pursue portrait photography (Metropolitan, 2004). The irony of the situation in particular is that Adrien, Gaspard’s younger brother, was persuaded into pursuing photography as a failing artist (Metropolitan, 2004) by Gaspard himself. It was later that Gaspard had actually considered the business. Adrien Tournachon was failing as a photographer, and ready to lose his studio, due to debt before Gaspard stepped. After Gaspard transformed the studio, business was soaring for nearly a year before the brothers ended up in a quarrel, ending their partnership in the studio. Later, Gaspard and Adrien had engaged into a legal battle... ... middle of paper ... ...was due. He worked hard to bring his best work to the world, and to demonstrate their potential. Although Nadar continued his path as a caricaturist, and journalist, Nadar continued to be well-rounded in his fields. All of his photographs were composed with purpose, he only took pictures of Paris in motion, but never an individual in such manner. His standards were set very high on client expectations in participation and qualification, and his final photographs were only of his best work. Achievements for Gaspard-Felix Tournachon Nadar were not apparently existent in terms of recognition for a prize noble or on the lines. The achievements however that Nadar successfully achieved was discovery of a new method for development of photographs. Another recognition was for his success as a journalist, a praised caricature artist, and as a very-much demanded photographer.

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