How Performance And Performativity Shape Everyday Life

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For many centuries in this patriarchal society, women have been put under men in terms of power. Being regarded as weak, dim-witted, and too emotional, women have only recently obtained rights such as being able to vote, or taking jobs in the workforce, as opposed to staying at home and raising children. Regardless of which country one lives in, women today are still fighting for equal rights. However, in order for women to be heard, they must be radical and extreme when fighting back from being infantilized ,oppressed and silenced. In the article "Perform or Else: From Discipline to Performance" the author writes about how performance and performativity shape everyday life. From machines to humans everything is performing for a reason, and if these performances are not done exactly as programmed, there are consequences. "Performance is a mode of power...challenges forth the world to perform-or else" (McKenzie, 87) When women actively work, or when they are a stay-at-home mom, they are performing. Not only performing a job but also performing as part of being a woman. However the amount of power one has is dependent on their position in the hierarchy of our society. For women, it is always a position below men, and due to this they will be infantilized. Men are constantly in the position of making choices for women, sometimes not even being fully aware of this privilege. In "Performance of Contemporary Nicaragua", the author writes about how the Nicaraguan government uses performance to establish their power, and how this government oppresses the powerless. The women of Nicaragua do not have the right to have an abortion, and if they attempt to do so, they can be punished with a prison sentence of up to eight years. Daniel Orteg... ... middle of paper ... just be themselves and improve their self esteem. By creating these cheers together about issues that matter to them, and also by working on choreography together and matching outfits, these individuals can feel stronger and be more confident not only in themselves, but also in the work they do as well. In conclusion, it is very necessary for women to be able to have a voice. Safe and secure places where women can express their opinions and truly be themselves without fear of being judged or undermined are very important. Unfortunately, society still has a lot to learn. Men and other women must learn to be compassionate and unlearn what has been taught to us in the beginning, and men must stop infantilizing, oppressing and silencing women. Until then, women must continue to be extreme, to be rebellious and freethinking, so that they can be heard and understood.

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