How Outsourcing Affects the Economy

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Outsourcing is nothing new. It is a difficult issue to handle and tackle, supporters and detractors agree on one thing. That outsourcing will not be eliminated to a complete. That is why I wrote on what is outsourcing, how it affect the economy, and can it be stop.

The word outsourcing can be defined in a numbers of ways depending on the type of service and the form of relationship with the supplier. Also referred to as contracting out or buying in. May be the delegation or handing over to a third party. Company to provide services that might other wise be performed by in- house employees. The term is increasingly used to refer to subcontracting of a set of functions or processes by one firm to another, or to a group of individuals. Also allows companies to focus on other business issues while they have there details take care of by outside experts. Which means large amount of resources and attention, that might fall on the shoulders of the management professionals, it can be used to more important issues within the company problem. Outsourcing and offshore is different but they are the same interchangeable used by people. It also enables a company to focus on core-competency areas. There are some disadvantaged to outsourcing often eliminates direct communication. Also may lead to delayed communication and project implementation. While outsourcing my prove highly beneficial for many companies, it also has many drawbacks.

It affects the U.S. economy is a great matter to debate. This will have an overall positive effect on the U.S. economy, since it save money for companies, open up fortuities for entrepreneurship and leads more Americans to hold higher level jobs. A suggestion came up about hiring foreign workers which has imm...

... middle of paper ... want be any disposable income to spend on luxuries things. Market will collapse, and trade will come standstill. A way to keep the divided checks flowing to the stockholders a little. Government will need to completely close the borders to trade. Economists have recognized that free trade is the better solution, economy was built on a free trade. The economy is not going to get better with people being unemployed and that is only causing an chain reaction in the U.S. economy.

In these area does not leave enough jobs for U.S. Americans. It has been a lot of debate over outsourcing and was said that it is good for the U.S. economy. But I think they should decrease outsourcing just a little, because the economy today is already going down hill. That is just going to make the future in more trouble than it is now. This is the end of my outsourcing of the economy.
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