How Objects Can Become Your Downfall Short Story

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How Objects Can Become Your Downfall Courage portrays the journey of a young British Soldier, James Grant, as he is airdropped into the wrong part France a day before D-Day. Grant has to hide himself from the German soldiers in a farmhouse near where he dropped, until he can reunite with his team and complete their mission. Courage shows its readers that sometimes, the instruments given to help you succeed can cause you more trouble in the long run. Throughout this story there are three main details that support this theme; Grant’s warplane, his whistle, and James Grant himself. James Grant’s warplane has one job in this story, to drop James in Normandy the day before D-Day so he can complete his mission. Although the author doesn’t specify what Grant’s task was, they mention he was part of a group of men who were chosen for “specifically dangerous jobs (Courage).” By being dropped in the wrong place by his warplane, Grant’s…show more content…
Grant’s courage most likely allowed him to propel to the top of his classification, landing him this special task within World War II. Being a soldier in general requires one to have courage in tough situations which is why Grant didn’t question whether or not he should go to the farmhouse to ask for shelter. Grant goes straight to the nearest house despite the risk that the family might agree with the Germans. The Frenchwoman takes courage by hiding the British soldier in her home not once, but twice in the same spot. Although her husband was killed because of Grant, she still gives him haven within her home without hesitation. Although the title of this short story, Courage, can refer to both James Grant, and his being a soldier during World War II, or the courage of the Frenchwoman to hide Grant twice within her home despite the consequences, courage can be considered as both Grant and the French family’s

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