How Not For Pick Up A Girl

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How not to pick up a girl In todays generation, being a young single woman is quite scary. The female population never knows what to expect to hear from a males mouth these days. It’s almost like they were raised without learning their “manners” - shocker. A guy has a very wild imagination when it comes down to being in the same room as an attractive woman. Majority of most men have one thing on their mind when the see a lady they think is attractive, and that’s getting her home. Us women want passion, emotion, and something that’ll last. We do not want cheesy pick-up lines, creepy stares, or one-night stands. By the end of this essay, the audience will know how not to pick up a girl with cheesy pick-up lines, vulgar body language, or weird, unnecessary questions. Wake up guys! Saying the right things to a girl is not rocket science! It’s like you automatically say all the things a real “lady” doesn 't want to hear. When a girl is in a restaurant or a bar or wherever she may be, cheesy pick-up lines are a no-go! I repeat! Abort mission, and re-think the approach. Do not whistle a...

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