How Newsweek Attracts Its Readers

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How Newsweek Attracts Its Readers The media communicates to its target audiences by applying certain signifiers in order to create meaning. These signifiers include photographs, language, etc. Using my example of the Newsweek magazine front cover I shall tell you how this magazine attracts its reader and I will discuss the composition of the front cover in relation to this. Newsweek is an international magazine that focuses on current affairs and the media. It is serious in language. Its cover is suitable for the type of magazine it is and the stories and articles it deals with. It has a straight forward composition with immediately informative and easy to read captions that tell you what the main stories inside are about. The page is not too busy and there are no extra pictures or captions to draw attention away from the main story or to over crown the page. There is a close up black and white photograph of Tony Blair on the front who is the hot topic of the moment and symbolises war and politics. As part of the sequencing of items in the composition, his face is positioned to the right of the captions and is approximately in the upper two thirds of the page. The use of black and white makes the image very dramatic and has immediate impact. He has a serious, concerned and almost challenged expression on his face. The lighting that they have used and the closeness of the shot makes Blair look old, drained and worn-out. As a prime minister he looks weak. This interpretation most likely conforms to traditional view points and values present in contemporary society The captions positioned on the left of the page are bold in a san-serif typeface, the text is split up by the colour yellow so that the reader is more likely to read it, it is easier on the eyes and more and more inviting to read than if the text was all white. Symbolic codes have been used in the captions text; these are a system
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