How My Parents Who Have Influenced My Life?

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Whenever I am asked who influenced my life the most, the answer is very easy for me. My parents are without a doubt the people who had the biggest influence on making me the person I am. They taught me everything I needed to live a good happy life. Helen Delaney was my mother. She was born the second of seven children; she was the only girl. My mother grew up with a sick stay at home father and mother who worked full time as a nurse. She was expected to help care for her six brothers and the house. This thought her how much family means. My grandfather passed away when she was 16 years old; leaving her to care for the kids and the house as my grandmother worked long shifts at the hospital. Growing up in the city with heroin everywhere my grandmother ruled with an iron fist. She came from a generation that believed “spare the rod, spoil the child”.…show more content…
It was not until we all told him that we would be fine that he could be with her again that he let go. These are the reasons I say my parents have influenced my life the most. If not for them and all they gave me emotional and taught me I would not be who I am. I would not be able to love my husband as I do or accept his love if not for seeing their love. I would not be a good parent if they had not given me the tools to do that by being good parents themselves. I wouldn’t be able to be the student I am without the drive and motivation they instilled in me. I wouldn’t volunteer like I do if they didn’t teach me that you can’t just stand by and let injustice happen. I fight for the people who need fighting for because they taught me to stand up for others. Everything I am and do is based on the morals and principals they have given to me. My only hope is that I do the same for my children as they did for me. I feel assured that they are looking down and happy and proud of the way I am leading my life with all they taught
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