How My Interest in Knowledge was Sparked

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Some of my earliest memories are when I am being told not to ask so many questions. I wasn’t curious about why there were clouds or what made rainbows. I wanted to know why people portrayed certain behaviors. What made one person behave differently from another? Why was one family able to cope with so much turmoil in their lives but another family crumbled? I would ask all sorts of questions. This behavior became so prevalent in me that people would say, “Oh no here comes her 50 questions.” My interest in personalities increased as I grew older. I wanted to know if they were formed based on our past experiences, our environment, or were they completely biological. I read many accounts of identical (Monozygotic) twins who grew up in different households. I concluded it was a combination of biology, experiences, and environment that created our personalities and habits. This knowledge sparked my interest in and led me to investigate societies on a macro and micro level. I focused most of my readings on the topics of poverty, drug use, and the under privileged. I had familiarity these fields since I was now in my teens and starting to question many of these topics in my own life. My curiosity led me to research why a very small percentage of people are able to escape poverty and drug abuse while another percentage does not. I questioned what the differences were between the two populations that cause one to leave and the other to stay in those situations. The majority of individuals grew up in the same environment. The deciding factor had to be either a difference in their biological elements or in their past experiences. Throughout my research using biographies or documentaries I began to notice the consistent pre... ... middle of paper ... .... The Medical Sociology course spawned my interest in helping those throughout their life with health related issues. Today the need for social workers in this specialty is enormous. Healthcare laws are constantly changing. Through various research new technologies are formed and numerous new treatment options are becoming available to people. We need social workers who can connect the elderly and their families to community resources, new treatments, and vital information. My purpose is to help people understand they are not alone in whatever situation or event presents itself in their life. There are available resources and other people who have similar experiences. Someone does understand. Everyone can and are able to live a vibrant, healthy life. It’s ok to ask questions, to express feelings, and enjoy who they are throughout their entire life.
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