How My Culture Changes the Way I View the Different Aspects of Life

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In this essay I will be discussing and explaining how my culture changes how I view the different aspects of life. I will use three obvious parts of our lives that are effected by our culture, these parts will be our views of food, the way we dress, and holiday customs. I will start out by first describing what my culture says about these things and how it affects my opinion of them. Then I will discuss three less obvious parts of our daily lives that culture influences; I will use nature of friendship, our rules and our attitude towards age. I will explain these in the same format that I explained the first three. I will start out by first listing the few subcultures that I belong to. The first subculture that I belong to is that I am a Christian. secondly I am a homeschooler. I also belong to the subculture of gamers, as in video games. I have many more subcultures that I belong to however my main culture that I am apart of is that I am an American. Being an American their our specific beliefs that I have that people from other cultures may not share. Our views on food may be different than they are in other cultures. In my culture our views on food our fairly lenient. There out some things that we consider bad for people like to much fatty foods, or foods with an excess of sugar. However, we do not really care what you eat. I think its gross to eat brains, or peoples pets like dogs or horses. We usually think its discussing to drink blood, or eat intestines, and it is kind of wearied to eat bugs. What is interesting is that we may think it is bad for you to eat a lot of sugar, however, we eat lots of food that our designed to be sweeter. our fruits and vegetables have been genetically altered to taste more sugary. yes ther... ... middle of paper ... ... thing nobody wants to be old. However, at a young age you want to grow up fast. We look at it like the best age to be is twenties and early thirties; and it is true that as you age you lose physical skill but you also gain knowledge. In my culture most people view elderly with distain or apathy. We do not care what they lived through nor do we consider them a valuable source of information because their senile anyway. I have been raised to view and teat elderly people with respect and many people have, but even then my culture tells me that they have no value; and in a world where you can get answers to any question via the internet there is no need of stories of wisdom from the elderly. so, for the most part my culture does not have that great of an attitude towards the age, the point of life is to grow up then spend the rest of your life trying to stay young.
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