How Much is Too Much?

How Much is Too Much?

In the past decade, technology quality and efficiency has increased by leaps and bounds. Simultaneously, as the grade of technology and its accessibility for the general public rise, its cost decreases, making such options as home computers and computers in the classroom a more viable option for many families and schools, respectively. While there are obvious benefits of technology as a learning tool for our children, there are many downfalls as well. This paper hopes to better explain some of the positives, such as fast word processing, Internet information searches and computer reference databases such as encyclopedias and contrast them with some of the negative effects including online predators, child-inappropriate Internet content and the seeming decline of more traditional forms of indoor/outdoor games and child play. Because when it comes down to the mental and physical health of our nation’s children versus all this technology, how much is too much?

For the purpose of this paper, the focus will be more upon the youth of the United States, as approximately only 5-7% of the world’s children have access to the Internet. “Defined as a ‘decentralized, self-maintaining series of links between computer networks’,” was originally intended to be a means of connection for the intra-departmental computers of the United States Defense Department in the 1950’s, but the mainstream mass media was quick to adapt and adopt it for general public use. This public embrace of technology was and has remained most profound in the U.S., who leads the pack in Internet use, followed closely by Sweden and Australia. Naturally with the quickness with which the Internet took off, it should be no astonishing fea...

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