How Much Influence Do International Organizations Have on States?

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How much influence do international organizations have on states?

Institutions have been around since the end of World war 2, when states wanted to promote peace among the different states. Theses institutions carry a certain amount power in the way they could affect the international level. There are three different theories that look at the role of the institution on an international level and determine how big of role theses institutions play and how much power and influence on the international level. The theories used are realism, institutionalism, and Liberalism. Realism and Institutionalism are on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to institutions. Realism sees institutions in international organizations with little to no power in theses organizations. Realism makes the assumption that states are self interested and only will join an international organization if they will benefit the state. Institutionalist see international organizations as the way the shape the way states will behave by giving states an incentive to promote peace. Institutionalism say that theses organizations help avoid war by having organizations promote peace. ( Mearsheimer 82) Liberalism sees theses international organizations a way for states to communicate among the different states. Liberalism says that theses organizations promote communication among states. Theses organizations promote cooperation among states and try to get states to cooperate with one another. Liberalism says that International organizations carry some power, but its eventually the state deciding that it’s better to cooperate.

The theory that seems to be the weakest when it comes to explaining these international organizations is the Institutionalists see i...

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...ations influence the states.

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