How Media is Changing how Fast News Travel

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I am sure everyone have all heard the saying news travels fast, but when it comes down to it, how fast does news really travel? Fifty years ago, did news and or media travel as fast as it does today? In this day and age news travels much faster because how fast technology is changing. The way that teenagers, adults and elderly receive news coverage via the internet, social media and their phones in the United States has been drastically changed by the introduction and usage of technology. Hearing news on the wars in the US is an everyday occurrence for the current generation. One may be flipping through channels on the television and hear President Obama giving a speech, scrolling through facebook and see a news article or hear breaking news on the radio while driving to the mall. Americans in the 1970s however, received their news very differently. On May 1st, 1970, President Nixon declared that America had gone back to war with Cambodia. This was a life changing event for many people in the US, including the students at Kent State College. After receiving the news about the war, students from Kent State started protesting and soon enough, May 2nd approached when they’re protest became a rally, stated Jennifer Rosenberg. And this was no longer a protest or rally that could easily be stopped. Houses were burnt, tear gas was used and the National Guard was called in. Four people were pronounced dead and nine severally injured (Rosenberg). People did not find out about this tragic event until long after it had happened. During this time, people did not have a way to contact their loved ones and if they did, more than likely they did not have service because cell phones were still an idea at that time. Today if this were to happen, ... ... middle of paper ... ...b. Co., 1988. . Print. McElhaney, Alicia. "Hero in Mass Stabbing Shares Hospital Selfie." . USA TODAY, 09 Apr 2014. Web. 12 Apr 2014. . "PA High School Stabbing Victim Selfie Raises Questions on Boundaries ." . Fox45 Baltimore, 10 Apr 2014. Web. 12 Apr 2014. Rosenberg, Jennifer. "Kent State Shootings." .History1900's. Web. 12 Apr 2014. . Smith, Natalie. "What Happened on 9/11." . Scholastic. Web. 12 Apr 2014. . "The September 11 Digital Archive ." . Center for History and New Media ,n.d. Web. 12 Apr 2014. .

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