How Media Has Impacted Our Lives

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Individuals today view life as a constant race to the finish. We need to be there first, have the fittest body and have the nicest home to be considered the best and have an optimal life. Media has impacted the output of being more concerned with the here and now without an emphasis on the future quality of life. Many of these influences to obtain these things come from the surrounding environment, which we would need to remove ourselves from in order to detach this mindset. We live in a community where media and advertising are shape our daily lives unintentionally. With that being said, is increasing our life span by ten, twenty or thirty year’s incentive enough to change our lifestyles? Are we able to make changes in our lifestyles that we would effortlessly be able to complete in order to make the most of our elder years? Dan Buettner himself argues that “if we can find the optimal lifestyle of longevity we can come up with a de facto formula for longevity.” Although he is stating that this is a direction that many individuals can make, ultimately it is a choice of the community as a whole to embrace this lifestyle change. Our community is not likely to make the change because lack of powerful influence needed for a transformation to be initiated. As Buettner states “exercise programs usually start in January; they’re usually done in October” he is backing up the fact that most individuals would start a change but not follow through a habit this community trends. David Buettner, A national geographic writer and explorer decided to conduct a study on groups of people throughout the world population known as the Blue Zoners. The Blue Zoners Valdez 2 are defined as individuals who have adopted lifestyles that have allowed them to... ... middle of paper ... ...uld transform it into a blue Zoner society In sum the possibility of this community conforming to the way of Blue Zoners will definitely come with a very hard and effortful strategy. It may in some way lead to a segregated community. Which in fact is how many of the Blue Zoners choose to live. Even with the Valdez 4 investment of time a wide variety of modification to our current lifestyles needs to be accepted. The next big dilemma that would have to be factored in would be those who did not care to extend their lives and would not meld with the lifestyle of those that did. Buettner’s research explains there are islands that have millions of citizens but only a small population has adopted the lifestyle. Society making the most of these years and flourishing well beyond the prediction of our current rate of life expectancy involves serious initiative in all aspects.

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