How Macbeth's Character Changes throughout the Play

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How Macbeth's Character Changes throughout the Play

In this essay I would be looking at Macbeth’s character on how he

changes throughout the play and to base this evidence on weather he

was a tyrant or a tragic hero.

The play focuses on the changing character of Macbeth and his

increasing greed for power. Many factors contribute to the changes to

Macbeth throughout the play which cause the character to deteriorate

from a man with nobility and good intentions to one who is ruled by

ambition and greed.

The play begins with the scene of three witches who prophesise that

three events will occur to Macbeth.

The Elizabethans believed strongly in supernatural, and associated the

devil and witches with this. It was thought that witches were enemies

of mankind, causing bad weather, crops to fail and bringing death upon

families. As shown in act 1; scene 3, it was also thought that the

witches could see into the future.


Is Macbeth a tyrant or a tragic hero?

Macbeth at the start of the play


At the beginning in act one Macbeth is generally seen as a good

person. The first impression of Macbeth is of bravery. He is a brave

solider and is very strong. Macbeth is loyal to Duncan his king.

Everyone for his strength and bravery respects him. This is told by

Captain Ross, they say he battled way like no one else would; this

also applies to his best friend Banquo. They show us how heroic he is

because first they fighted and defeated the country and then straight

after the Norwegians attacked them and macbeth and Banquo were the

only ones not to give up hope and defeated the Norwegia...

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...acbeth to be a villain. This is

because the impression the audience got of him because of all the

unnecessary killings he had carried out, he got to a point where he

was totally hated by the audience because, he killed Macduffs wife and

child for excessive reasons.

At the start of the play he was shown as a hero because he fought the

Scottish Highlanders and the Norway’s army. But gradually through the

play he became more and more of a villain. Maybe if he had not been

easily influenced by his wife, he would of turned out to be a good

person. After he had killed Duncan and the guards he started to

believe in his killing. So he kept on killing other people, to keep

his position safe.

A good brave respected man was changed in to a monster that would kill

anybody in its way. Macbeth was a cold-blooded tyrant.

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