How Legal Are Self Driving Cars

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How Legal Are Self Driving Cars? Many new technology has been presented within the years, a big one for the car industry is self driving cars. Multiple companies have begun developing the cars like Google, Uber, Tesla and more. They all want to be the first company to release the product into the market making it game changer into the car industry. Uber a company who specializes as an affordable taxi service would be using the cars instead of hiring drivers. All a passenger has to do is type in their destination onto the iPad in the car and enjoy the ride. Its great for Uber since they wont have to hire multiple drivers. As a consumer the most important factor on purchasing the car is asking if its safe. The cars are equipped with an antenna at the top of the car sensing all roadblock you might encounter. They also have multiple sensors around the car with three hundred sixty-degree view cameras. If the cars senses pedestrians, cyclists, construction zones or stops they begin slowing down. The sensors get notified when driving next to a large truck so they can take up more of th...
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