How Learning Can Read And Write

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Learning to read and write has always been a challenge for me. Not because I couldn’t read or write but because I had a hard time spelling and pronouncing words. Majority of my time spent in school I lived in New Orleans, La. In New Orleans learning to read was as simple as that, all they taught was how to learn to read. Meaning, I was given a book and told to read it. Punctuations, parts of speech, and pronunciation of words were merely touched on. Majority of my English lessons were tracing simple letters or words and reading basic books. This way of learning affected me in a major way when I came to New York, but not in a bad way. When I came to New York it was almost like students were on Collage reading and writing levels compared to my basic teachings while living down south. This at first was a little intimidating I must admit but New York’s way of teaching helped me better these skills, becoming on the same reading and writing levels as my peers. If I had to compare my reading and writing at the time I would say it was equivalent to a student from another country. It’s funny how living in two different states, in the same country can affect a person’s reading and writing skills in a big way. I was originally born in Staten Island, NY, my parents tired of the crazy NYC lifestyle decided to move to New Orleans, my dad’s hometown, just after my kindergarten year of school. Once I arrived to New Orleans, in early August, school was already in session. First grade was a very interesting year for me, it was at this time that I learned that I had a serious reading and punctuation problem. My teacher Mrs. Freals dictated to us a few simple words to write down on a piece of paper copying them ten times each. Among these words wer... ... middle of paper ... ... to enjoy teaching, she takes the time out to explain the basics of reading and writing, she even allows students to see her after class or during office hours if we have any questions. I am honestly happy I didn’t get a 3 out of 3 because, I have learned so much about reading and writing in only 2 weeks of English 1. I believe that this class will better my reading and writing and the best part is that the work load isn’t extreme even though the semester is much shorter than regular college. Throughout most of my life I have always struggled with reading and writing. I have learned that reading and writing is not as hard as I made it out to be, it takes a lot of determination, hope, and a good teacher of course to become a proficient reader and writer. Although a challenging experience I am glad to have went through it, this experience taught me a lot about myself.
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