How Jackie Robinson Helped End Segregation in the MLB

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Jackie Robinson played an important role in helping break the color barrier for all African Americans who had a dream to play major league baseball. Segregation was very high in the mid-1900s and there were separate areas for African Americans to eat, drink, and even use the bathroom. There was a separate baseball league that blacks had to play in and there were absolutely NO blacks in Major League Baseball. That all changed in 1947 when Jackie Robinson was signed to a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. By signing this contract it gave Jackie the opportunity to do what he loved and help change the major leagues as well. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919. His family was sharecroppers. Jackie’s mother, Mallie Robinson, was a very hard working woman. Mallie raised Jackie and her four other children all by herself. Jackie and his family lived in a neighborhood where they were the only black family that lived on that block (Jackie Robinson Official). Growing up with only one parent, Jackie had to find his own way of living. He got into many sports and excelled in them all. From a young age, Jackie was the top athlete in the sports he played. As he grew, up he started winning bigger events and got recognized by many people for his talents. While attending college at UCLA, Jackie became the first African American to earn a varsity letter in all four sports that he play, which were Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Track (Jackie Robinson Official). While playing basketball, Jackie led his conference, which was and still is the Pac-10 or the Pacific Coast Conference, in scoring two years in a row. In 1940 he won the NCAA Championship in the broad jump. He also became an All-American on the football field (Jackie Robi... ... middle of paper ... ...a dream to do something different, he saw an opportunity to pursue something he loved to do and help make a difference while doing it. Jackie had to be brave and courageous to stand up for himself and not get mad at people yelling mean things at him and sending him death threats. He was the first person to help change the game of baseball for forever and give other African Americans the same opportunity he had. Jackie has been recognized by many people and associations for what he did to help make a difference in the world. By standing up for what is right, Jackie helped impact something greater than himself. Works Cited "Biography." Jackie Robinson. N.p., 2011. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. "SABR." Society for American Baseball Research. Marc Appleman, 29 Mar. 2012. Web. 25 Apr. 2014. "Jackie Robinson Biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2014.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jackie robinson helped break the color barrier for all african americans who had a dream to play major league baseball.
  • Explains that jackie robinson was born in cairo, georgia in 1919. his family was sharecroppers and his mother, mallie, was a hard-working woman. growing up with one parent, jackie had to find his own way of living.
  • Describes how jackie robinson became the first african-american to earn a varsity letter in all four sports, which were baseball, football, basketball, and track.
  • Narrates how jackie left ucla and moved to honolulu, where he played football for the semi-professional bears. he was a second lieutenant in world war ii and was released from jail.
  • Explains that jackie started playing baseball in the negro leagues because blacks were not allowed to play baseball. he was a standout player, but he caught the eye of many professional coaches.
  • Narrates how jackie robinson was called up to the major leagues to play for the brooklyn dodgers and the montreal royals before he could play in the international league.
  • Explains that jackie wasn't liked by everyone who came to watch the games or who followed baseball. many people tried to get him to fight back or yell things back at the fans but he stayed calm.
  • Explains that jackie retired from baseball in 1957 with a career batting average of.331. he continued to try and end segregation in baseball and worked for social change.
  • Explains that jackie robinson was the first person to change the game of baseball for forever and give other african americans the same opportunity he had.
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