How Is Victor Frankenstein Responsible

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Victor Frankenstein’s a 19th century moral scientist Victor Frankenstein Turns in to his real passion which was science and he’s swamped with creating he's creature,“For this I had deprived myself of rest and health” (p.59). Victor Frankenstein is violent, ambition, stupid and out of control because he has more knowledge than the society can accept,”Do you share my madness?”(p.20). This is one of his 1st words as he recovered from his illness, he starts to be more irresponsible and this has been illustrated in his actions and feelings when he ran away from his creature when he didn't wanted to be face to face with the person that is created by him. In every society there rules, manners, bad or good people, beautiful and ugly people, nice and mean people. Even for minority which they are the small group of people they're still part of the community. The real monster is Victor Frankenstein…show more content…
When His Creation comes to life and after Years of running away, Leaving in the shadow he comes out and wants to obligate with the monster but he doesn't accept it which again hint out how moral and irresponsible is Victor Frankenstein, he does not even teach the elements like love, caring, sharing. Victor Frankenstein’s the real monster because of his strong knowledge which turns out its his passion, considering the time period and he's revolutionary idea for that period of time. The appearance is not what make us Monsters its What in our hearts, The creature is what an unsocialized human would be like after being hurt and treated bad by the society and not being away of how to handle his emotions, feeling, thoughts. In conclusion, greed is what makes humans fall apart, Victor’s greed makes him go out of his and leads him to accomplishment that he desire which he thinks it's going to make him the new god but he only realized that it's only too late when the creature is already live and its due to his
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