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“Things are rough all over”. Cherry Valance pg.35 The novel, “The Outsiders”, by S.E. Hinton,is a very popular piece of literature with youth in today’s society. Its main theme describes the realistic dynamics that can occur between distinct social groups of youth in society. Johnny, one of the main characters in the novel, was part of the Greaser gang. He spent most of his nights hanging out with the “gang”, watching the sunset or smoking. In the novel, Johnny Cade, the gang’s “pet”, was involved in a horrific accident. Johnny soon realised that the life that he had lived was coming to an end. Johnny understood that life presented his gang, including himself, some obstacles in life. Johnny gives advice to some of the gang so that they could live life to fullest. Johnny especially discusses life, in his final moments, with his …show more content…

He has always held Johnny in high regard. After the Socs and the Greaser fought, Dally and Ponyboy went to visit Johnny in the hospital. The boys soon realized Johnny did not have much time left and that they needed to say their goodbyes. When Dally was telling Johnny that they had beat the socs, Johnny had said to Dally, “Useless… fighting’s no good…”. This is a very strong statement. Socs and Greasers never got along. They would be in constant fights. The whole reason the gang was in the dilemma is because of the fight with one of the socs, Bob. Johnny and Ponyboy would not have had to go to the old barn and they would not have had to save the children from the fire if this fight did not happen. In Johnnys last few days of life, he had nothing but time to thing about life and he realized that all the fights and disputes between the two groups were pointless. Their is better ways to handel things than fighting and the only thing the gang got from fighting is hospital bills. The few glory days after the greasers won the fight would not be worth their friends

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  • Analyzes how the novel, "the outsiders", by s.e. hinton, describes the realistic dynamics that can occur between distinct social groups of youth in society.
  • Analyzes how johnny felt close to dallas winston or dally after the socs and the greaser fought. the gang was in a dilemma because of the fight with bob.
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