How Is Harvey Dent A Hero

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What makes an individual evil? Are they born that way or do they become evil from past experiences? These are the questions that many people ask regarding the people in this world that are truly maleficent. In the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight, all of the main characters have a dark side to them, including Batman who is commonly known in our society as a hero. While watching the movie, viewers can see the change in Harvey Dent as he goes from being a well-respected town “hero” to a villainous figure simply because of the death of his fiancée, Rachel Dawes. Was this evil side within Dent all along or did it develop because of Rachel’s tragic death? This essay will explore the true definition of evil and how individuals are born evil or become…show more content…
At the beginning of the movie, he is Gotham’s beloved amiable and charismatic district attorney who is well-respected by the city’s citizens. In some ways, Dent resembles a hero himself; he is a moral character who fights for ultimate justice for his citizens. He serves as a role-model Gotham’s citizens can look up to and he is essentially a hero without a mask. As Commissioner Gordon states at the beginning of the film, “Harvey Dent was needed. He was everything Gotham has been crying out for. He was...a hero. Not the hero we deserved - the hero we needed. Nothing less than a knight, shining” (Nolan The Dark Knight). Many critics argue that Dent is more of a hero than Batman ever was; he presents himself to the public instead of hiding behind a mask, like Batman, and is a well-liked public figure rather than Batman who some citizens consider a vigilante rather than a hero. Viewers also view Dent as the tragic hero of Batman: The Dark Knight because of his ultimate struggles between good and evil that he faces after Rachel’s death. One night, everything in Gotham changes because of Dawes’ untimely death. That night, the citizens of Gotham lose their beloved district attorney after he turns to the dark side and becomes a villainous character. Dent’s dramatic change in the middle of the film proves the theory that you become evil based on traumatic life experiences. This theory can also be proven true when examining the other…show more content…
From what we know about his past, Wayne had a pretty normal childhood until one day when he witnessed the murder of both of his parents’ murder. Since that day, Wayne decided to rid Gotham of the evil criminals like the one that taken his parents from him. That day released a part of Wayne he never though possible; a dark side. He fought, tortured, and injured every criminal in Gotham in order to avenge his parents’ murders. Although he is seen as a hero by the general public, some critics believe he is the true villain of the film because of the mayhem he causes in Gotham while dueling with the criminals. After looking at Batman’s history, it is clear that he began his life as a vigilante after his parents’ death in order to get revenge on the criminals who killed his
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