How Is Hamlet As A Hero In Beowulf

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The field of Medieval Literature if full of epics, poems and books recounting the tales of great heroes that are meant to inspire, entertain and direct the lives of their audience. The tales of Beowulf the Scandinavian hero depict a man who endeavors to slay monsters for his personal glory. Sir Gawain in England depicts a man who is driven by the code of chivalry and Hamlet tells of a Danish prince who seeks revenge for the murder of his father the king. Throughout the time period of what is considered medieval history, the definition of a hero has changed greatly.
Beowulf was written around the year of 700 AD by the Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic tribe that had recently landed and took up residence in England. However the events of the unnamed, orally passed tale which came to be known as Beowulf take place in Scandinavia. The main protagonist, Beowulf, is called by the King of the Danes, Hrothgar because he has heard of his great exploits and feels that he is the only one capable of killing the monster Grendel. Beowulf indulges this request and slays Grendel and his mother to spare the Danes continued
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However Hamlets popularity did not die with years. Hamlet continues to be seen as a character with a justified cause and one who is relatable to the vast majority of society, in short; a regular hero.
It would seem that the characteristics of a hero have changed not just in literature but in society as the years progress. The criteria change as a culture changes and the definition of a hero changes with it. The best lesson one can gain from studying these medieval texts is that heroism is relative to the society and its values and that changes over time. What was considered a hero in the time of Beowulf may not be treated with such reverence in the time Hamlet was written. The concept of a hero is not solid, it is not constant, it is always

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