How Is Creon A Tragic Hero In Antigone

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Creon and his power struggle with the Crown In Greek mythology, Antigone by Sophocles there were two leading characters Creon and Antigone. Creon was a king of Thebes, he was a tyrant who likes to enforce his laws on people. On the other and Antigone was the daughter and sister of Oedipus. A tragic hero is a character with noble and heroic qualities, who obligates an action and make a mistake which make him/her downfall or destruction. In Antigone Creon demonstrated as a tragic hero, he believes that he can’t ever be wrong. His stubbornness makes him fail at the end of the play. At first Sophocles explains that Creon has been a tyrannical leader. But he fails because of he do not think of how bad he dealing with conflicts until Tiresias’s…show more content…
This explains that he considers as a negative character in Antigone. Sophocles demonstrate Creon present in this mythology because if there would be no one who punish Antigone for her disobedience, the story would be weird and Antigone would become a ruler. Because she would believe that she had right to bury her brother. She would do anything that makes her feels agreeable from the inside. She thinks that she is not committing any crime or disobeying any law to bury her brother. Sophocles build a perception that Antigone is also cruel. Because she is doing something that is against the law in that society. She makes her sister to support her “And now you can prove what you are: A true sister, or a traitor to your family” (Schilb 25). She forcing her sister, and asking her is she going to support her or will betray her. In addition, this explains she have the strength to face the king. However, we believe that women are not strong enough to fight or face anything. According to Jane Blair, he explains in the article the five myths about women in Combat. He considers women as a weak person, women are not able to take action on any undesirable thing. The first reason that he stated, is “Women are too emotionally fragile for combat”. The second reason, he explains, is “Women are too physically weak for the battlefield”. I agree with his second reason also, I think women are weak physically for fighting, but women strength and courage can make them get on anything. As we can identify from Antigone, she had a lot of strengths to go against Creon, but her sister was warning her. Furthermore, Blair third reason is “The presence of women causes sexual tension in training and battle” he is less positive for women here, he demonstrated that getting training front of women is hard for men, and men don’t want to show themselves weak in front of women. This makes them work hard and
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