How Internship affects my Future

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Having the opportunity to internship with the Philadelphia Flyers has been a dream come try. It has taught me many valuable lessons I will be able to utilize in my future. This internship has allowed me to further develop knowledge and tools learned in my courses at Elizabethtown College. It has given me an inside look to the sports industry and how Sport Management Programs utilize similar information as Business programs. Finally, being an intern in the Game Presentation Department pushed me to further develop myself and mature as not only an individual but also a professional.
One of Elizabethtown College’s five goals for its students is to “provide professional expertise: help students discover the resources needed to enhance classroom success and to navigate diverse cultural perspectives.” While applying for internships last semester Professor Elicker took it upon himself to provide the professional expertise the school hopes to provide. He took time out of his schedule to look over my resume, editing it and giving me recommendations on how to make it better. After I was offered an interview, Professor Elicker took extra time and helped prepare me with a mock interview. Even before I stepped foot in my internship, Professor Elicker helped Elizabethtown College fulfil one of their goals and provide professional expertise while helping a student.
Along with the College’s overall goals, the Business Department has their own goals that they try to help students execute. The Department has four specific goals for students pursuing a Bachelor’s of Art in Business. My internship has helped me integrate each of these four goals into my professional life. However, the two most beneficial goals for myself are goal number...

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...f shadowing opportunities allowed me to expand my exposure of the company. As I shadowed I tried to establish common ground between myself and the person I was shadowing. For instance the Director of Development is engaged to a teacher and my sister just earned her degree in the same field. We talked about teaching for a little bit and helped establish a baseline for future contact. Establishing this relationship helped me when I went in and interviewed for my summer internship and was finally offered the position.
I know that this opportunity has opened up many doors I never thought would be possible. It has officially confirmed my desire to start off in this industry and work my way up the ladder. If it was not for this internship I would not have the appreciation for the knowledge I learned at Elizabethtown and the possibility to benefit my future.
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