How Information Technology Impacts People 's Lives Has Become Widely Discussed During Recent Decades?

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The issue of how information technology impacts people’s lives has become widely discussed during recent decades. Social networks have evolved as the center of the modern Internet and have turned to the one of the most powerful tools of communication. Today, no one will refuse to acknowledge the enormous benefits of social media. First, social networks allow communicating at a distance, since it is a fastest way to find the right person and provide him with the necessary information anytime and anywhere. Second plus is an excellent opportunity to search for the like-minded people with the same interests. Moreover, people actively use the social network for business, as Internet provides limitless working possibilities. But in the same time, there is an adverse opinion that the modern man displaces the real communication with virtual one and loses the ability to maintain face to face conversation. Also, the failure to adapt to environmental conditions and the social isolation are considered as potential drawbacks of the social networking. No doubt, the digital communication effect on society is immense, and due the variable factors it can be both, positive and negative. Whether the outcome of Internet networking is, the virtual chats should not replace the real interaction. Paul Lee’s study examines the subject of indispensability of face-to-face correspondence and the priority of it above the communication through the social media. By comparing the positive effect of regular offline contact with family or friends, author concludes that the virtual conversation cannot take over the personal discourse (Lee 383). Lee addresses to social networking as superficial communication; consequently, “relationships formed or maintained on the... ... middle of paper ... ...cording to the project, such practice gives an opportunity to spend precious time with family and friends and enjoy live emotions. It is precisely noted in the article, “It reminds us that we have to lead technology and not be led by it. It gives us space to think” (Greengard 19). Another example, the Digital Detox weekend camp organizes special workshops and lessons, showing how many compelling affairs can be achieved without gadgets (“Digital Detox”). During these activities people train the abstinence from the technology consumption. The Internet communication should complement the life and should not be the basis of existence. What is matter, it is finding a balance between real interaction and online conversation. Furthermore, whenever it is necessary, man should consider restriction from the flow of social media and define the course of his or her development.

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