How Infant Practices Are Celebrated by Different Parts of Christianity

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How Infant Practices Are Celebrated by Different Parts of Christianity Baptism comes from a Greek word meaning to immerse or dip in water. The practise was adopted in the New Testament and almost every Christian will be baptised (the exceptions are Quakers and the Salvation Army). However there are many different opinions on how and when this important Christian Rite of Passage should be carried out. Many will think at birth. Hopefully I can help so you can make your own decision about what some call a sacrament and others call a sacrilege. The Catholic Baptism Ceremony The Catholic Church, (and also the Anglicans who practise infant baptism in a similar way) see Baptism as a sacrament and that it is very important to baptise infants. The ceremony begins with the baby and the family being welcomed by the priest on the behalf of the Christian community. He asks the parents what the baby will be called and whether they accept the responsibility of bringing up the child into the Christian faith. In the Catholic service the priest then makes the sign of the cross over the baby's head and the parents trace the sign of the cross to signify that this baby is now a member of the Christian church. Prayers are then offered for the baby and the family, and the family can either select some prayers or write some themselves. Then it is asked that the saints in heaven also pray for the baby so that all will bless it. To prepare for the actual baptism the priest first anoints the baby with the Oil of Baptism as a sign of Christ's strengthening power and the priest asks that the baby be delivered from all evil. Then the water is blessed and t... ... middle of paper ... ... into the Christian faith either because of their partner or because of the ceremony. A funeral for a non-believer could comfort their remaining family. In probably the largest issue a baptised baby will be given a start in the Christian church to take up if they want to later in life and it would be best if the baby had the Holy Spirit inside it. It is wrong to penalise the baby for the actions of the parents. Also if the church wants to increase the rapidly falling attendance figures then they could do with more people becoming Christians. Is the parents asking for a baptised baby not an act of God? Overall I would believe most ceremonies to be of benefit only to believers. However the marriage example above and also infant baptism could greatly benefit the falling members of the church and the people involved.

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