How I Would Undertake a Good Existence!

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A good life is relative it depends on each one’s perception. Some of us live each day to the fullest, they don’t fear change and surprises, they take risks and challenge themselves and of course, they try new things and let themselves be passionate. While others trap themselves in an exhausting routine, obeying to a forced system, and looking passively at time passing by. Through our everyday life, events happen, people meet and connections are fulfilled. This connections, depending on their nature, may bring either joy or problems. Thus, a good life is related to our way of dealing with things and how we perceive life in general.
My own perception of life is influenced day after day by multiple factors which cannot be taken away from their context. We are human beings with a critical thinking that is way too developed to be controlled. We succumb to our freshly new adopted opinions and act in a manner that can satisfy temporarily our mindset, because after all, what we are looking for is peace, which can be conquered by releasing our mind and executing our thoughts. Having said that, the quality of the life we are having depends sort of on how much we cherish ourselves. Some of you may say that not all spoiled people are having a good life, which is true, the royal life is far away from being a good one even if the fortune is not what is missing. Yet, the majority seek fortune and wealth as a solution to the depressing emptiness that keeps us away from satisfaction. As Jon Gertner says:” when it comes to predicting exactly how you will feel in the future, you are more likely wrong.”* But, why is this idea very common? Simply, because we look at life in a materialistic way, we were raised that way, for instance, our parents sen...

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... happiness and pleasure which effect cannot be under-estimated and vice-versa. To have a good life, you need happiness and the only thing you can do to reach it is to make the choice to be happy. Adopting a positive attitude, over-smiling, and stop complaining are the solutions.
All in all, life is a complex concept and having a good life depends on each one perception of it but all this perceptions gathers in happiness. Nevertheless, being happy doesn’t mean that our life is perfect, it only means that we have decided to look beyond the imperfections. Happiness is directly related to the law of attraction, it is something we can easily reach, and we only need one thing which is: conviction. As Leo Tolstoy would say:” If you want to be happy, be!”.

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