How I Would Direct A View From The Bridge

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How I Would Direct 'A View From The Bridge'

In this essay, I will explain how Arthur Miller creates tension and

suspense in 'A View From The Bridge' by explaining the dramatic

devices, props, characters etc.

In 'A View From The Bridge', Arthur Miller employs various techniques

to generate dramatic tension and to hold the audiences' interest. The

playwright uses the setting, characters, stage directions, props,

lighting, language, and setting as the main sources of drama.

The characters are a vital element in the play, and are the basis of

the drama. Eddie is portrayed as a well respected, hard working,

ordinary man. He is dedicated to his family and is presented as an

amiable character.

"He was as good a man as he had to be in a life that was hard and

even." Alfieri explains this at the beginning of the play, and this

emphasises that Eddie is an honourable, decent person. However, as

soon as a catalyst (in the form of the cousins) is introduced, another

side to Eddie is revealed, and his true feelings for Catherine


"What are the high heels for Garbo?" Eddie says this to Catherine, in

front of the cousins, to deliberately humiliate her. Eddie sees

Catherine's attentiveness towards Rodolfo and becomes jealous. This

sexual jealousy grows throughout the play and the audience realize

that what did seem like over-protectiveness is in fact romantic

obsession and unlawful love for Catherine. This disgusts the audience

and so they begin to turn against Eddie. Eddie's attachment to

Catherine is his flaw. His demise is the consequence of this weakness.

Eddie's fate becomes inevitable and predictable when his inability to

compromise and the true extent of his fixation with Catherine becomes


"His eyes were like tunnels." Alfieri says this to describe Eddie. It

suggests that Eddie has tunnel vision, and can only focus on one thing

- Catherine. This is evident when Eddie calls Immigration to 'snitch'

on Marco and Rodolfo. It highlights Eddie's desperation and loss of

rational thinking as he acts on the contrary of his own strong

beliefs, which he outlined at the beginning of the play with the

consequences of Vinnie Banzalo's betrayal.

The characters are all involved in very tangled relationships.

Beatrice is jealous of Eddie's love for Catherine.

"When am I gonna be a wife again Eddie?" She is very frustrated with

her husband, but he will not face the reality of the situation. Eddie

expects Beatrice to support him, as wives were supposed at that time.

So when Beatrice defends Catherine, Eddie cannot understand why his

wife is deliberately defying him as he believes he is being perfectly


Eddie insinuates that Rodolfo is homosexual due to his apparent
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