How I Received the Holy Spirit

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Seeing eight of my brothers and sisters super excited made me disappointed about myself. I remeber those days when my elders were coming home with smiles on their faces which made me cry, I was really happy for them and was wishing I could share their happiness as well but, I could not. I did not had what they had. I didnt even know what it was, that they are really happy about. Finally I asked them why they were so happy about and they told me they got a gift from God himself. I couldn’t understand how that was possible. I wanted to be happy too so I just wished that I will receive that gift from God as well.
In the beginning of November 2011, my sunday school teacher Yuriy prepared a lesson for us students about Holy Spirit. He also explained that Holy Spirit is a gift from God. Also, he explained that Holy Spirit, is a gift we do not deserve, but its a free gift from God to us “As it says in the Bible that is why everyone must have it.”After that lesson I understood why my sibling were so happy about and where that strength came from. My friends and I came up to Yuriy and explained: “We really want to get that amazing gift from God, what do we have to do?” He replied “Pastors are the ones that can help you with that, come up to them and tell them everything that you just told me.” My friend and I were really excited while coming up to the pastors, but we did not know that a dissapointment was waiting for us.
The pastors tried really hard to be nice, while rejecting our wish, we were too young to get it. They probably thought that after we get it, we won’t be able to keep it, and would lose it. We left them really disappointed and really mad at ourselves for thinking we could ever get it, at first so many thoughts came, for exam...

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...rned that my cousin and her friends in South Carolina got Holy Spirit too, on the same day as we did. I was really surprised because they didn’t know we would get it, and we didn't know they wanted to get it too.March 22, 2013 came up, and five more people got it too.
We were really blessed and happy that we teenagers were not missed and got the gift from God too. Our prayers came true, even though we had some obstacles at the first try. But mostly of all I learned a lesson: Never give up on something you want, don’t feel unloved because God so love ALL the people he gave his only son, to be crucified on the cross. Everybody who wishes and has that desire to get that special gift from God. We finished that prayer thanking God that: Ivan, Natasha, Olga K., Olga T, Ilia, Yevgeniy, Angelina, Max, Maria, Vadim, Inna,Natasha S., Alina and I got the Best gift from God.
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