How I Percieve Myself Is Based on My Upbringing and Experiences

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I perceive myself to be a well-rounded person and that, compared to others, I am equally as sociable as an outgoing person, a bit more physically attractive than the average person, a lot more academically successful than other students, and less spiritual than a person of my religion. With that said, I perceive myself to be a pretty sociable person, but my sociability can also depend on the situation I am in, the other people involved, and my mood; a physically attractive person: on some days, not as attractive as I would like to perceive myself as, on others, more so worthy of “model” looks; a moderately spiritual person, which for me, is a somewhat religious person: a person who has found a place for God in her life, and a person of faith; and an above average student in academics. I do not believe I am the strongest in any of these areas because I feel I can always improve (and will improve) in all of these areas, and because I feel that they shine separately over one another at their due times, and even perhaps in not their “due” times. However, I do feel that my sociability and my academia are my stronger areas compared to the other two, that I want to improve on my physical and spiritual aspects in greater amounts, and that I feel that the religious aspect of my spirituality is very weak and awkward to me and for me. Based on what I have been told before, I believe others, in general, perceive me in about the same light as I perceive myself in each of these areas. However, there are always unpleasant as well as pleasant surprises in the ways people perceive me. My cultural upbringings definitely have influenced me in each area, as well as, I believe, innate qualities, and internal growth. When it ... ... middle of paper ... ...ewfound motivation, not settling for less, which I get from my fitness journey, has influenced my academics again greatly. Because I have great expectations for myself, I like to surround myself with those who aspire the same for themselves. I know this may come off as arrogant and judgmental, and it is, I can be this way, but I can also be a very open and flexible person in my perceptions of others. Although, I have raised these standards for myself and I do perceive the idea that if “I can do it, you can do it too. If I do it this way, why can’t you?” on others, I will always try to see the effort people put in whatever they do, because I believe the action of trying is the ultimate factor, for me, that can decide my perception on others. I also try to perceive others as neutral as possible when I can because every person is a mystery to another, even to me.

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