How I May Perceive Myself

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The way I may perceive myself can be completely different from the way others may perceive me. For this assignment, I had to look at 35 individual words and choose and rank ten that best describe me and ten that least describe me. Next, I had to ask three people I know and give them the word list and have them choose and rank the ten words that best described me and then ten that least described me. The three people that I have chosen for this were a few of my close friends that I knew would be honest with me. First, I have asked my best friend since the fourth grade, then my close friend since junior year of high school and lastly, my other close friend since freshman year of high school. As I received the lists back, I was not nervous or scared about what they would say because I knew the words they chose for me would show what my friends notice about me and how they have perceived me for all these years. Looking and comparing the lists they were pretty similar to each other, including my own. I felt a bit surprised from the lists of words I got back in a positive way because see...
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