How I Learned With My Writing

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Walking myself into this course I was nervous about the class. I was worried about if my time management and the whole English aspect was going to work. English is not my best subject and is one I struggle with. Although as time went by I enjoyed an abundant amount of assignments that were assigned. One assignment that I enjoyed the most was the major paper, Emulate a Writing. The assignment was a struggle but I learned about what I could do with my writing. I surprised myself and didn 't realized how invested I was into the assignment. It was an assignment I thought long and hard about. I asked family members on their opinion and researched other papers on the assignment. It was a challenge for me and I 'm glad I learned that I can challenge myself. When I do I can accomplish anything I believe. Also, what really helped me in my writing was the discussion board and the peer responses. They both provided a helpful tool that gave me a different perspective. If it wasn 't for the two, my papers would not be as successful as they were. On the other hand, writing in Engl...
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