How I Learned To Stop Accepting Others And Love God

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Introduction “Religion”, the most controversial word in history. For thousands of years this word has given hope to billions, but it also gives reasons for some to kill. Over 3.6 billion people are Christian or Islāmic alone, followed closely by the nonreligious, atheists, agnostics and similar groups at 1.1 billion. Unless everyone in the world comes together under one religion or completely eradicates all religion, terrible events may occur possibly in the near future. History of Controversy When most people hear the word “religion” they think of prophets, gods and messiahs, such as Jesus, Allah, Buddha and others. But most don’t know the history of what people have done for their religions. A less well known example is the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who, when they refused an order to worship a certain idol, were thrown into a furnace and burned alive by King Nebuchadnezzar. Then there are better known examples such as in Chapter 6 of the “Book of Daniel” in which Daniel, who refused to worship a statue of a king, was thrown to the lions after King Darius was persuaded by religious fanatics who demanded it be done. There is also possibly the most well known example of religious fanaticism caused violence is the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Jesus was put to death for preaching the word of God, which the Romans did not worship and for going against the Pharisees, Roman religious leaders. He was later crucified for his heresy. After the crucifixion, petty differences between religious leaders and zealots would escalate into full scale wars. The Great Jewish Revolt occurred in the first century and was the first Jewish-Roman war fought over religious intolerance. Another example is Spanish Conquistadors, who came t... ... middle of paper ... ...ys/fanatics.htm>. Mart, Coleen. Religious Fanatacism. 2 November 2009. December 2011 . Nelson-Pallmeyer, Jack. Is Religion Killing Us? Trinity Press International, n.d. Niose, Dave. Whate does religious violence say about religion? 2 April 2011. December 2011 . Various. Crusades. January 2012 . —. Crusades Wiki. January 2012 . YouTube. Bill Maher explains his apathetic atheism, 'apatheism'. 12 July 2011. 18 January 2012 . —. Bill Maher nails it! May 17 2011. 17 January 2012 .

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