How I Have Incorporated Technology into My Classroom in Order to Positively Impact My Students

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I have worked in rural schools that are mostly homogeneous. These schools have limited variances in cultural differences. The students align themselves with one culture and feel connected with each other. Students in villages can become unaware of other cultures of the world. This has made technology an important way to communicate cultural differences of the world to students in the classroom. I have used technology to connect my students with other students in order for them to learn about new places and people. Those these collaboration we have also shared our use of the native language of the village. In some cases as where we have communicated with other native villages with close language ties to our own, we have seen the small differences in language play a huge role in our collaborations. The students have been shocked to learn that certain words can sound the same, but have different meanings. This has helped the students to see cultural differences.

I have communicated clear policies, and procedures to support legal and ethical use of technology. I have adhered strongly to district policy. During my time working for the BSSD I paid close attention to two documents, Bering Strait District Internet and Electronic Mail Student Agreement and BSSD World Wide Web Permission to Publish Form. Both of these forms laid out the rules students and teachers need to following when using the Internet. I would make sure students were following the district policy of not sending or displaying offensive messages, using obscene language, harassing, insulting, or attacking others, violating copyright laws, using another's password, trespassing in another's folders, work or files, employing the network for commercial purposes, delibe...

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...ime a village or community I worked in has a level of low income students in my school, I have found ways to invite the families into the classroom to use the needed technology. I also have been aware of my students lack of technology at home when assigning assignments.

When I came to my current district I was given a position teaching lower elementary. The classroom I had did not have lots of technology resources, so I decided to figure out ways I could get more technology. One way I say a great disuse of technology was a high school classroom that had a Smart Board but did not use it. I approached the principal and teacher and proposed the moving of the Smart Board to my room. I showed my need. They agreed. I was then given a Smart Board, which increased my usage of technology. This gave my young learners a way to visually see what I was discussing with them.
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