How I Get More Views On Youtube Videos

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How to Get More Views On YouTube YouTube is regarded as one of the most essential marketing strategies to enhance your social presence through uploaded videos. With more than one billion Youtube users, you can actually gain the recognition you want for yourself or your brand, and become popular. However, the popularity you desire can be is measured by the number of views your YouTube videos can get. If your want to capture this popularity, you need to get more YouTube views on your videos. The total number of video views you get can help determine your YouTube or Google search rank. Source: Some of the most important things you need know about how to get more views on YouTube are discussed below. You should probably use this Checklist to enhance your YouTube views whenever you upload a video. 1. Make high-quality videos If you really want your video to stand out, you need to create high-quality videos that will grab the attention of your target audience. When making a high-quality video, you need these tools: a good video camera with high image quality, lighting, sound quality and fanciful editing. A good video camera is essential in making YouTube quality videos. You should make use of camera with 1080p resolution. YouTube quality is awesome at 720p. This camera will capture your video at higher quality. Make use of higher quality software when editing, the type of software that will allow you to have control on how your video looks and allow you to add special effects. Source: 2. Create Relevant Video Content Video content is king. Content is the key factor to getting more views on YouTube. If your content isn’t relevant or... ... middle of paper ... ...-Youtube-video 19. Run YouTube contests and campaigns One of the effective ways to attract new viewers to your YouTube video is by giving incentives. Run creative contest and give incentives to winners. With YouTube campaigns and contest, you will reach new audience apart from the current ones. An example of a campaign is to give your viewers an incentive to share your video so that it can get more views. Source: 20. Add featured channels Adding featured channels directly on your YouTube channel page can help increase your reach and subscribers, which can result to more video views. When you feature other channels on your page, you might get featured too. When other channels feature you, you have the opportunity to get new viewers for your videos. Source:

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