How I Became the Successful Person I Am

Much of my passion for business has come from my father, my role model, who navigated upheavals from a junior high dropout to a self-educated man to a successful business leader. Despite overwhelming adversity, he quitted his safe job at a state-owned enterprise years ago and industrialized his patents. From him, I picked up an unparalleled love for business, an unyielding will in front of difficulty, and above all, a respect for challenges, which are all wrought into a personality perfectly suited to the volatile arena of finance.
Eager to test my muscles in business, I had spent a considerable portion of college years in business practices and competitions. For two years, I have been deeply engrossed in the year-long international business planning competition, Student in Free Enterprises (SIFE). I managed an asset of RMB 6 million as the founder and CFO of a virtual corporation. In an attempt to copy the successful story of my father, I managed to industrialize the invention I received a patent for. Starting from a SWOT analysis and then a series of strategic planning, including feasibility analysis, market research, investment/return ratio forecasting, etc., I produced an ambitious plan to conquer the market of energy-saving and emission-reduction throughout China and started overseas business 10 years after the corporation “established”. I was also responsible for preparing the annual reports and financial analysis according to our projected cash flows and asset amounts. However, though I have experienced great pleasure in materializing a corporation, I was more surprised to find that such knowledge and expertise as cost control, financial management, project management, and so on are the center of business competition aroun...

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...ossible. Guidance from a mentor can have a profound effect on my career development and advancement. After several years when I have equipped myself with rich experience and well-knit professional knowledge, I will pursue a more responsible position in accounting firms. I believe that a higher position will bring me more chances to participate in high-level decision making process which can enlarge my views of the business, not just focusing on the accounting aspect. With more sophisticated management experience and solid accounting skills, I want to start up my own company in financial advisory industry. Accounting is the base for all sorts of decisions in business, so understanding how information is assembled and presented gives me the ability to interpret it and to use the information in decision-making when I want to help my company remain an advanced position.

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