How I Became a Positive Person

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My coworkers at every job always say “you’re the most positive person I know”. I’m thinking if they only knew. I wasn’t always like this; I use to be the most miserable, depressed, disillusioned person in the room, and I still have bad days but I know how to feel, deal and keep my expectations real. There comes a time in a person’s life when their given an opportunity to make an impact on their life or a life of another and sometimes that impact is as simple as a few words or a sentence. I had that someone and those few words to change my life. Now I live as a positive influence for others. My impact on people is through guidance. We can address poverty, abuse, illness, but it cannot be successfully eradicated without optimal mental determination. You can give a person food, shelter, clothing an education but if they are not psychologically able to grasp or understand the opportunity before them, chances of success are unlikely.
I’ve worked in various fields but all of them addressed effects on special populations. I’ve studied natural disasters and its effect on populations in the us and Europe, I’ve been a prison guard for mental health facility and then a special education teacher, and later I worked at a couple of shelters as a case aide which led me to my current position as a mental health case manager at the Andrews Center. In all my experience, I’ve seen the same patterns. People that had various types of resources around them still could not live productive or functional lives. Talking with a lot of these individuals, I learned that something in there lives had prevented them from moving from victim to survivor. Some people needed motivation, some succeeded and others refused to move forward and make changes.

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...d counsel them as well. I feel like it’s my mission in life is to help heal and lead. I’m able to do this through positive people, resources, mentors and support from church. My faith has kept me going, but it was my god that provided my path.
My mission in life is to counsel and advocate for others and I believe being a professional counselor will let me be able to be the most effective in helping people recover. To have a team to go out to rural areas and homes and counsel and pray for those who need help but for whatever reason struggle getting it. My experiences good or bad have made me humble, knowledgeable, cultured and compassionate. I truly believe god has put me in this position all my life and after careful consideration of my capabilities, my passion and my commitment, I believe counseling is to be my life’s mission. I will always seek to help others.
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