How Hong Kong is Dealing with the Aging

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Introduction According to numbers of researches (Census and Statistics Department, 2013), the ageing population is increasing as the life expectancy of Hong Kong people is being longer and birth rate is decreasing. Therefore, Hong Kong have already started kinds of policies and projects which are focusing on how to face the changes. The following contents are related with the concept the age-friendly and focus with the situation in Hong Kong. The essay is aimed at analyze with the features and barriers of age-friendly, as well as the suggestion for improvement. Define age-friendly According to World health organization (2007), in order to encourages active ageing, enhance the quality of life is needed. And there are total eight area of concern, they are “Transportation”, “Housing”, “Social Participation”, “Respect and Social Inclusion”, “Civic Participation and Employment”, “Communication and Information”, “Community Support and Health Service” and “Outdoor Spaces and Buildings” (World health organization, 2007). In the following content, it is mainly focus on the part of “Community support and health service”. It is because the health of the citizens is an important aspect to the government in a city and health problem can directly affect the attitude of the elderly negatively (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2011). Moreover, the health services in Hong Kong are good but there are still something can be improved (HKCSS, 2012). Therefore, the part of “Community support and health service” is always one of the hot issues when the government decides social policies. The background of community support and health service in Hong Kong Hong Kong government has already working a lot on help providing community support and health serv... ... middle of paper ...  HKCSS (2012). qi quancheng:xianggangzheyoushanshe, Hong Kong: HKCSS.  Public Health Agency of Canada (2011). Age-Friendly Rural and Remote Communities A Guide - Public Health Agency of Canada. Retrieved December 1, 2013 from Government of Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada Web site:  Social Welfare Department (2009). Social Welfare Department. Retrieved December 2, 2013 from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Social Welfare Department Web site:  The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (2013). The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. Retrieved December 2, 2013 from

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