How Hitchcock Challenges Audience Expectations in his Film Psycho

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How Hitchcock Challenges Audience Expectations in his Film Psycho

Hitchcock does very well in his film with censorship of film making in

the nineteen fifties as he goes right to the limits of were the film

is just suitable to show the nation. He does this many times in his

film, one example is where Marian gets undressed and dressed. You see

her bra and knickers in this scene, which is very unusual back then,

it is worse than seeing nudity in films now. If Marian had taken any

think else off in this scene it would have been explicit nudity,

therefore not be able to be shown in the film. This is what I mean by

how Hitchcock takes censorship to the limit.

Some other censorship themes that Hitchcock took to the boundary was

expressive kissing, swearing and brutality. Hitchcock went as far as

possible with censorship to grip the audience and get more of a feel

to the film. Psycho is a fifteen in England to buy on video these days

because the censorship now is nothing compared to back when the film

was made, a director can do basically anything now. The audience now

would say it should be a twelve or lower as there is no swearing or

sexual scenes and not that much brutality and parents would not mind

their children seeing this. The scenes are still scary to the audience

though and it would take quite an intelligent twelve year old to wrap

their head round what is about and how it develops at the end.

The editing in psycho is great and must have taken a week to do just

one scene. It is very good for the scene and for the audience as it

builds tension and creates an atmosphere. The best scene to show this

as an example is the famous shower scene where Marian is murdered,

whilst having a shower, by Norman dressed as his mother with a knife.

There was seventy-eight separate camera set ups needed for the shower

scene from the shower head, down the toilet, from the mirror, Marians
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