How Health Care Be Given More Equally Around The World?

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Hayley Fulk Mrs. Gallos English III Honors 5 November 2015 How can health care be given more equally around the world? Today more governments and global health organizations are offering funds, health workers, and equipment than ever before to countries in desperate need. Unfortunately this is still not enough. Over 10 million children around the world die each year because of lack of health care. The majority of these children live in developing countries where poverty is rampant. The lives of many of these children could be saved with medicine that costs less than a single dollar. If these medicines are so inexpensive, then why are children still dying? For some families, this seemingly inexpensive medicine is more than a day’s wages. For others transportation to treatment centers is not available. Nearby clinics may be out of the necessary medication. And children are not the only ones in desperate need of health care. Adults in many countries are also facing health problems. Women in some cultures are not able to receive health care because their husbands or fathers refuse to approve it. Both men and women who have HIV are not receiving necessary medications. Seniors do not have necessary medicine available to them. All of these problems are obstacles on the road to improving how health care is distributed globally. Thankfully governments and global health organizations are working on solutions to this problem. These solutions range from training women to become midwives in countries such as Afghanistan to providing medicines that improve the quality of life for many and prolonging the lives of others. Solutions such as these are necessary and will make it possible to reduce the millions of needless deaths each ... ... middle of paper ... ...rtening. This statistic is the most disturbing for me. Even more disturbing is the fact that the lives of some of these children could be saved with something as simple as a single vaccine or a single dose of medicine. The governments and global health organizations providing health relief to countries are a great help, however there is always the need for improved solutions. Perhaps one of the most helpful solutions is the monetary aid being provided by governments and global organizations. This aid can go towards the purchasing of medicine, vaccines, and the training of health care workers. One recommendation for the class of 2017 regarding this issue is to donate to a global health care fund if possible. Even if the amount donated is a single dollar, it could help save someone’s life. The time for global health organizations, governments, and you to act is now.
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