How Has Forensic Science Changed Over Time Essay

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Forensic science has changed dramatically over the years in a number of different ways, both positive and negative; new discoveries have altered the ways in which scientific experiments are carried out; how evidence is collected from a crime scene and overall how a criminal is caught as a result of the findings and conclusions made by forensic scientists. Crime has existed for millions of years; however the way in which a crime is detected hasn’t been around for the same length of time. Forensic science has gone through many changes for the better and has become a lot more accurate and reliable since it was first established. The arrival of modern forensic science made apprehending the criminal a lot faster and a lot simpler. The police records are full of anonymous corpses that have been so badly mutilated that they are unable to be recognised by the human eye. This gives forensic scientists a very difficult job; it requires precise medical expertise in order to identify that person and figure out what happened. The…show more content…
Along this timeline there are specific events and discoveries that pushed for the development of forensic science. I will be looking at this timeline and other cases that have occurred over the years that fit onto it throughout this discussion. In early 275BC, the ancient Greeks and the Romans were the first people to practice forensic science; however they didn’t have much knowledge and were using their own ideas and assumptions to solve smaller crimes. For example, Archimedes discovered ways to determine the volume of an object and used his theory to demonstrate this. He realised that his body weight displaced equal amounts of water. Here we can see early forensic science and what it consisted of in the past; it was insignificant and didn’t usually find clear or accurate
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