How Gun Owners Are Portrayed In Our Society

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Our society forms their own beliefs on groups of people based on what only a small percentage of that certain group is like. They rarely ever look past the popular stereotypes. Our society judges anything based on what their first experiences were like. If a person were to be bitten by a dog they may feel uneasy around dogs for the simple reason that they fear what they have experienced and do not want to repeat their experience. Unfortunately this is the case with gun owners and they need to be better understood.

The three most common misconceptions and stereotypes that are given to gun owners is that they are Irresponsible, rednecks, and that they are paranoid,. I believe that this group of people needs to be better understood for the simple reason that they are not anything close to what they are perceived to be. They are a community that not only consists of gun owners, but everyday people. Everyday people that consists majorly out of law abiding citizens. I believe that gun owners should be given a second opinion by the public instead of being criminalized only for practicing a right that was developed by our founding fathers years ago only to keep it alive for others to enjoy. People are quick to judge what they do not understand, and do not understood that not every gun owner is irresponsible and even unworthy of owning something that brings them joy. A common misinterpretation of the gun community is that they are just a bunch of uneducated rednecks and are simply a degeneration to our society. Another stereotype that gun owners are given is that they are a bunch of paranoid rights activists who feel the government is out to get them, at times they may even be called preppers (Things That Kill People, 2013). These are t...

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