How Gun Control Affects Us All

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The United States wants to embrace its right to bear arm, but manage it in a way as to not affect the rights of the people. Elected officials have their work cut out for them because, as it stands right now, the changes that have been made have not stopped people from committing mass shootings and using guns in violent crimes. Recent incidents of violent gun crimes present a need to address laws pertaining to self-defense, background checks, and Second Amendment rights, without affecting the economy.
Violence involving firearms is nothing new to anyone who turns on the news. The National Institute of Justice conducted a National Crime Victimization Survey and concluded in 2011 that 467,321 people were victims of a crime involving a firearm. They also discuss that data collected from the FBI on the same year showed that firearms were used in 68% of murders, 41% of robberies and 21% of aggravated assaults (National Institute of Justice, 2013). What turned the tables on gun laws was the tragic incident at Sandy Hook Elementary. The events that took place on December 14, 2014 forced the Obama administration to address current laws so to ward off future crimes of this capacity, but the incidents keep on happening. Statistics has shown that, since the December 2012 incident at Sandy Hook, there have been 44 school shootings and 28 deaths resulting from the use of guns (Moms Demand Action & Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 2014). Not only did the school shooting demand attention to the gun laws, but so did other incidents of mass violence with the use of guns. A story published by the Huffington Post titled, “There Have Been More Mass Shootings since Newtown than You've Heard About,” stated that 16 mass shootings occurred since ...

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