How God Is Being Created In The Image Of God?

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Creation, who are we? We are created in the image of Christ in accordance with God’s word, yet how do we implement being created in Christ to the future of our employment. A new creation in Christ or being created in the form of Christ, one must understand it’s not just looking like Christ would have us but also living as he was called us to live. So, how does being a creation of Christ impact the future endeavors as a middle or high school history teacher? Created in His Image We are the creation of Christ. Genesis 1:26-27, has God saying, “let’s make man in him our own image, after our likeness…So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (NIV, 2005). Image is a frequent text…show more content…
How does being created in the image of God effect the way I will employ my education through teaching? God’s creation of us as humans was more than in his image but he placed his authority and presents within us; thus we are called to do as he has commanded by loving one another and showing compassion. As a teacher there are many things that can affect the students as well as the teacher; whether it be in a public or private school setting or even in social networking. Teaching allows the ability to connect on a different kind of level with the students, building bonds, relationships and trust. Teacher must have a professional relationship with other staff members and sever with integrity while engaging in their responsibilities. Schools offer a sea of children from varying backgrounds, cultures and religion; which allows a teacher to be a key influential factor for reaching the students by showing them God’s love, compassion and patients. Reaching just one child can make a massive impact on the student and whatever knowledge or love they carry into their homes and communities. Students can be taught, even in the middle or high school setting these golden rules of God’s word with a strong leader in the classroom. During this time within most teens lives they are looking for guidance, acceptance and encouragement. Life is hard during these years and an adult that is fluent within the word of God and that can lead by example and teach with the virtues needed to make a difference within each child’s

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