How Globalization Affects The Country

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Graduated from Union College in three years, I am looking forward to extending and developing academic interests in international economics - the area of specialty in which I have concentrated my coursework and research at undergraduates. With the experience of growing up in China, I want to explore more about how globalization affects this country. I am currently working on my economic senior thesis – using a macroeconometric model of the Chinese economy to examine how increasing consumption, as a ratio of GDP (C/Y), in a series of steps spread over a number of years, increases China’s real GDP in a series of short-run steps. In particular, I am interested in investigating the possibility of duplicating China’s rapid economic growth in other developing countries after volunteering in Nepal. Therefore, I decide to pursue an economics PhD degree in graduate school. I believe the economics PhD program at Harvard will both train my skills and help me to explore economic fields from various aspects. With the curiosity in the international economy, I applied Union College Seward Fellows and designed an independent theme minor to analyze China’s trade. Since I applied one-year earlier graduation when I was a sophomore, I chose to compress my two-term Seward project in six weeks in the summer of second year. My Seward project was to investigate the behaviors of the yuan-USD exchange rate in the past ten years. After evaluating the growth rate of the ratio of China’s foreign reserves over imports from 2005 to 2014, I noticed that the year of 2009 was a turning point: before 2009, the average growth rate was 1.90% while this rate decreased to -0.08% after 2009. The rate of -0.08%, approaching to 0%, served as evidence to support that th... ... middle of paper ... ...members outside economic department. I expect to discuss about China’s future economic growth through comparing its government’s response to the Asian financial crisis in late 1990s and the global financial crisis of 2007 model with Professor Barro. I am also interested in participating in weekly seminars to widens my minds. In particular, studying with other excellent students who have the same economic interests motivates me to keep improving myself and bringing out the best in me. During my three-year undergraduate studies, I keep summarizing my experiences through enhancing my thinking and exploring abilities. I believe that learning from the past is the best way to construct the cornerstones for the future. My passion about exploring new materials and my assiduous spirit of keeping challenging myself helps me to become a well-prepared economics PhD candidate.

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