How Fast Food Effects Your Health

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Some people think that just because fast-food is cheap and easy to get, that it is good for the human body and does not have a big effect on the health of some people. Fast-food actually affects the health very negatively. All the health risks, costs, calories and the way it can affects people’s looks. Even though it is the easy way to go, it is not the healthiest; there are much healthier ways to eat. Eating healthy is the most important thing someone can do.
Getting a Big Mac from McDonalds is always the fastest thing to cook on a busy Monday night, right? But look at all the ways it can affect the human body, it could make anyone rethink that decision of eating it. If you eat fast food more than twice a week it doubles the chance at having a type of diabetes. Diabetes can strongly affect one’s health in many ways. It can be life threatening if not controlled too. Having this illness can change your everyday life.
Researchers say that the risk of stroke increases by one percent for every fast food restaurant. The health risks of eating unhealthy have skyrocketed since fast-food became more popular and cheaper than cooking at home. Especially with children, one trip to the closest fast-food place could take up all of the calories that are needed for a child in one day. Getting a child a kid’s meal with a cheeseburger and fries can be over 800 calories (Sheenan). A study shows that within three to five hours of eating a high-fat meal the blood vessels function abnormally. This is more common is children, but could harm adults also (Morris). When someone eats fast-food and other non healthy food they have lower intakes of nutrition. When someone has low intakes of nutrition, which is not having enough milk, dietary fiber, vegetabl...

... middle of paper ... restaurant. More money is spent just on fast-food alone than on the basic necessities of the average human (Schlosser).
How does fast-food affect your health? Fast-food affects the health of people negatively. With all of the fats and calories in all of the food it can severely harm someone. In conclusion, all in all fast-food should not be eaten more than twice a week at least. It can cause severe damage to the human body and one’s health.

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